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December 1, 2023 2:55pm

Mineral and traditional make-up cosmetics

For mineral make-up it is necessary to use mineral cosmetics. These are special powders, foundations and shades, which are part of very special cosmetics. They have many advantages: they are delicate, light, durable and, above all, natural. They do not have an irritant effect even if used on sensitive skin.

Important information about mineral makeup

Mineral cosmetics are characterized by high delicacy for the skin on which they are applied. They are perfect for application to the skin after laser peeling, microdermabrasion or botox - in principle, they were created for this purpose. They are so delicate that they will also work well after plastic or dermatological surgeries performed on the face. Mineral makeup is also a very good choice for acne or allergic skin, as well as after radiological exposure. Why are these cosmetics so good?

First of all because they are completely natural. They have a small amount of ingredients, which makes them mild. They do not irritate, they are hypoallergenic. They can be successfully applied to problematic and difficult complexions, which have to be subjected to delicate make-up.

Mineral cosmetics - fully natural

Mineral cosmetics do not contain any chemicals. They do not contain preservatives, oils, waxes or fragrances. They are simply completely natural, which is why they give such good results. Their composition is simply crystalline minerals. The most common substances in their composition are: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, mica, colored pigments, oxides of iron, chromium, manganese, ultramarin.

Natural cosmetics

The distinctness of colour is given by zinc and titanium white. The more of these ingredients, the brighter the powder. Covering properties are provided by titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide provides an antibacterial effect. It also helps to reduce excess sebum. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide form the basis of mineral bases. They are also found in eye shadows, concealers and cheek blushes. Thanks to the mice it is possible to give the skin a pearl or satin shine.

What is found in mineral cosmetics?

- Mica - thanks to it, the complexion is illuminated and wrinkles are smoothed out,

- zinc oxide - characterized by astringent and soothing properties, antibacterial effect, allows to dry pimples and helps to heal wounds on the skin,

- Titanium dioxide is a natural sunscreen,

- iron oxides - do not affect skin irritation, give the cosmetics color.

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