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October 3, 2023 11:36am

Orthodontic braces not only for children

Not so long ago, no one had focused too much on whether the child's teeth were straight or curved. Recent years, however, have been a period when the number of orthodontists has been steadily increasing, while the youngest are their most frequent patients. Today, the same device and its insertion are reimbursed, and the wearing of the device is not a big surprise.

It turns out that orthodontic braces can also be used by adults. It is never too late to smile!

Something more than fashion

Interest in orthodontic braces has become fashionable in Poland under the influence of American patterns and the cult of a beautiful smile. It is not without significance, however, that the treatment of malocclusion is nowadays characterized by increasing effectiveness. Its effects are spectacular and patients feel less and less discomfort. At the same time, we slowly forget about the heavy armour once present on our teeth. At present, we are dealing with glued locks and arches in the form of barely visible wires. In this way, the wearing of the camera becomes a free symbol of social status.

Orthodontic braces are promoted not only by doctors, but also by well-known and popular people. These are not ashamed of braces on teeth and bind them to the general care for themselves as something completely natural.

Regardless of age

Probably even half of Poles cannot boast perfectly straight teeth. Unfortunately, bite curves are more than just an aesthetic problem. It is responsible for many dentition diseases as well as speech defects. It can even lead to migraine headaches.

The same approach to orthodontics, which is more and more often one of the elements of interdisciplinary treatment, is changing today. Correction of malocclusions gives a chance for a beautiful smile, and at the same time can be a prelude to implantological or prosthetic treatment.

Unfortunately, we should still be aware of the fact that we have to wait for the effects of such treatment. Elimination of defects takes a lot of time and costs.

Visit to the orthodontist

How to correct the occlusion?

The first step towards perfect occlusion remains the diagnosis and treatment plan based on it. Unfortunately, orthodontic braces are not a universal tool, which is able to eliminate every defect, and therefore it is necessary not only to carry out tests, le and perform them at different angles. The role of X-rays must not be forgotten either. It is on this basis that the nature and specificity of treatment is determined. Its duration, in turn, depends primarily on the type of defect. The smaller it is, the faster it happens.

Orthodontics for adults

Orthodontic treatment can also be undertaken at a later age. This makes it possible to repair and make up for what has not been improved in childhood. It also allows to protect teeth against further diseases and related complications.

Even before putting on the braces it is necessary to cure all teeth, including cleaning them from deposits and tartar. We should not forget about the panoramic picture, because it turns out to be the most effective in diagnosing pathological changes.

Some mental discomfort is also to be expected. The most difficult is the first few weeks, during which both gums and cheeks hurt. During this time it is difficult not only to smile, but even to speak clearly. Discomfort is also felt when chewing, although over time you can get used to it.

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