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March 1, 2024 1:34am

Macadamia oil for all skin types

Macadamia oil is very popular among women because it is completely natural, has no synthetic ingredients and is not harmful to the skin. It can be used in many ways: for skin care or as a hair conditioner.

Where does it come from and what properties does it have?

Macadamia oil is extracted by pressing the ripe nuts of the macadamia tree. This tree is cultivated in South Africa, but can also be found as a wild tree in Australia and Sulawesi. Inhabitants eat the fruits of this tree - they are the sweetest in the world and have a good effect on health. As far as appearance is concerned, they are somewhat similar to hazelnuts. Oil from them is a natural raw material that is used in the food industry - for consumption raw or for cooking. It is also used in cosmetics - most often for external use. It has a yellow colour and nut smell. By keeping it at room temperature, a liquid form is obtained.

It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals: vitamin A, group B vitamins, vitamin E, lecithin, phenols. It also contains many unsaturated fatty acids (including 67% oleic acid). It is a fast absorbing substance, so it is biocompatible with the skin. In order to be able to speak of the greatest amount of nutrients, pure, unrefined cold-pressed oil should be used.

For whom this oil?

Macadamia nut oil can be successfully applied to all skin types: dry, damaged, mature, sensitive, capillary and prone to irritation. It will also work well for those who have skin problems or are struggling with acne rosacea.

Skin regeneration

How does macadamia oil work?

Macadamia oil is perfect for the care of the whole body and in case of having oily, mixed and sensitive skin. It is found in many cosmetics, although in small quantities - that's why it doesn't work too intensively. You can also get it as a stand-alone product and then use it as a body cream, face cream.

Macadamia oil represents a wide range of activities. First of all, it intensively moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates dry skin - thanks to it the lipid layer of the epidermis can be rebuilt and water loss from the skin can be prevented. It has an anti-cellulite effect and has the most intense effect on this condition of all available preparations.

Helps to make the skin more elastic, leaving it firm, smooth and soft, as it improves microcirculation and lymphatic system function. It also supports the reduction of stretch marks, scars, reduces psoriasis and small wounds. It has anti-wrinkle properties, protecting the skin against free radicals. This is because it contains a large amount of Squalene and Tocotrienol. As it has a very intense fragrance, it can also have a relaxing effect.

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