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June 13, 2024 2:36am

How to buy at promotions in order not to lose?

Each of us likes promotions, and large discounts tempt us with their attractive prices. Then we buy a lot, we fall into a trance, we feel unbridled happiness.

However, when we analyze our shopping at home, usually the joy passes. We bought a lot, most of it is completely unnecessary for us. The promotion made us turn off logical thinking. In our basket there are things that we don't even like, because the low prices have taken over our minds.

Ubiquitous promotions

Promotions today we will meet in every store. Sometimes it's a small discount on matches, sometimes it's an attractive offer for a flat. Sometimes shops decide to advertise promotions all year round in order to attract customers.

Discounts are for everything, but it is worth focusing on what we buy most often. On cosmetics, clothes and food.

How to take advantage of the promotion?

Promotions give us the opportunity to save money. Sometimes post-season sales of clothes are very tempting for us. Cosmetics are offered at exceptionally low prices, in stores the product of the day is for a penny. In order to avoid falling into the promotion whirlpool, it is worth following a few basic principles.

Principle 1 - Do I need it?

It is worth considering whether a given item actually needs to be placed in our basket. Perhaps an additional pair of shoes is unnecessary and buying them will seriously undermine our budget. It may also be the case that we already have something similar at home. Are we sure we need another bag of fruit when many of them are still in our house? Ground is reason.

Principle 2 - Is it really cost-effective?

Sometimes a promotion is a promotion by name only. A label with a lower price may prove to be even higher than the standard price. However, if you know the earlier price of the product, it is worth deciding on it. Especially if the discount is large. However, it is worth to be vigilant in this respect, because sometimes a promotion slogan alone is not enough to actually buy something cheaper.

Shopping discounts

Principle 3 - Is it my style?

Sometimes we buy clothes because they are cheap. This is a big mistake. Let's buy something that we'll actually wear. Every t-shirt, even the cheapest one that we don't carry, is a waste of money. Such ill-considered purchases cost us a lot, and yet we can have something really cool for this money.

It is always worth to try on a given thing. Nor should we buy what we simply don't like. We will probably never convince ourselves of this and will remain in the wardrobe.

Principle 4 - Is this not damaged?

At promotions goods with defects are often much cheaper. It is worth checking if what we like, also this defect does not exist. At home, after a thorough examination of things, we may be disappointed.

Principle 6 - What is it of?

It is worth analyzing the composition of cosmetics, food, our clothes. If something has a terrible composition, even a low price should not make us buy. We can then harm ourselves and the environment.

Rule 7 - Expiry date

Sometimes on promotions we come across something that has a short expiration date. Then it is worth to analyze whether we will be able to eat or use a given item, if it is a cosmetic.

Principle 8 - What is the promotion?

It is worth analysing what is on the promotion. Sometimes it's a promotion with a hook. We can buy juice cheaper, but only the taste. A blouse, but only a given colour. It is therefore worth checking everything out so that the final bill does not disappoint us.

Reasonableness and analysis are very important for promotions. Thanks to these few important rules we can avoid buying things that we will never use.

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