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April 15, 2024 11:08am

Combating CELLULIT in an aesthetic medicine clinic

Cellulite treatments we actually have a lot, below you will be able to see what is currently offered to us. However, it should always be remembered that without a good diet and exercise, the effectiveness will be much lower. You should also know that one or two treatments are not enough to overcome cellulite. Usually you have to undergo a series of treatments. We present to you the most effective ones that can reduce this problem.

Professional treatments


This is a skin massage, which will be done with the help of a special head with rollers. In the space between the rollers, vacuum and overpressure will be created alternately. The pressure change along with the movement of the rollers will suck in the skin and massage it. This treatment will improve blood circulation and also reduces cellulite.


This treatment will consist of injecting two different substances under the skin. The first one is extracts that improve microcirculation such as rutin or sweet clary extract. The second is substances that improve fat burning, such as caffeine and carnitine. The number of treatments will depend on the degree of advancement of cellulite.

Cellulite removal

Lymphatic drainage

It is a manual massage or a massage performed with the use of a special apparatus. Thanks to it you will be able to improve blood circulation, remove excess water from tissues, eliminate swellings. We recommend 10 to 20 treatments, and the price of one is from 40 to 100 zlotys. Body wrap treatment will consist in lubricating the skin with a preparation that stimulates blood circulation and improves fat burning. Under the influence of heat, which will result from covering the blanket, the preparation is better absorbed into the skin. This treatment will reduce swelling and effectively improve the metabolism of the skin.

Revitalase 12 Twin LASER FOR FLOORING

The tip of the laser will guide the doctor in places that are affected by cellulite. The rays penetrate fatty tissue, improve metabolism. The lymph and blood circulate faster and swellings disappear.


A special device allows you to inject under the skin carbon dioxide, which will break down fatty tissue. This treatment improves microcirculation and fat burning.


This is a procedure during which the doctor or beautician will move a probe on the skin, which emits ultrasounds and thanks to them the metabolism improves, the fatty tissue breaks down.


This treatment will make use of the weak current. The doctor inserts two needles into the skin and passes a current between them, which will expand the vessels and improve metabolism.

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