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December 1, 2023 2:49pm

Bicycle - new or used?

Each of us before buying a more expensive thing faces the question: to buy new, but more modest, or used, but better equipped? This applies to the purchase of a TV set, a car and also a bicycle.

There is no shortage of new and used bicycles on the market. Thousands of offers are available and vary in price, frame size, wheel size, accessories, colour, silhouette, etc. When choosing a new/used option, we need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each option, perhaps it will make the choice at least a little easier.


There's a reason we're starting at this point for a reason. If "the price didn't matter", we would surely choose a new bike from the living room without thinking about it. The unity, which has already had a few seasons behind it, but still enjoys recognition among amateur cyclists, can be purchased even for a fraction of the price it cost at the time of its premiere. We also warn against opportunities. Cheap low mileage bicycles with a relatively young age may have a hidden defect (e.g. accident and frame damage). Let's get away from these copies. However, this does not exclude the fact that we cannot buy cheaply really good equipment sold e.g. because of a misguided gift or a wrong size.

Technical condition

Only the new montage from the shop is in perfect technical condition. The odometer has not struck a single kilometre and the components are clean and intact. Technical issues in used bicycles are usually roulette, so before you give money and take the equipment away, you should carefully look at it, drive it over and catch all the imperfections. What is more, it can also be a starting point for price negotiations. If our knowledge and experience allows us to estimate the costs of repairing damaged elements, we can deduce whether the purchase of it is really profitable for us.


New bicycles have a standard warranty period of 24 months (although there are some brands that offer a warranty period of up to 5 years). All manufacturer's defects and damage to components (if used correctly) will be replaced or repaired on our new bicycle. We can forget about the warranty on a used bike, and all the defects (even those noticed immediately after purchase), we will have to repair on our own.

Alternative between new and used

An interesting option, which is not known to all motorcycles buyers, is to buy a show or test bike. Their prices are lower than those of the wrapped brothers, however, the bikes from the exhibitions are in an almost perfect condition. Therefore, it is worth sending inquiries to local bicycle shops about the possibility of purchasing equipment as described above.


When buying a bike, it is often the price that determines the choice of the bike. Before spending money on a new bike, it is worth to think about its intended use - for racing, recreation, driving to the shop. Sometimes a better option is to buy older equipment with better equipment, and sometimes only new ones are involved. However, let us be guided by the principle - let us make our choices with our heads.

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