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May 18, 2022 5:28am

Mineral makeup: hit or putty?

People who check product labels before purchase know that every make-up product contains valuable micro and macroelements. Companies that prepare cosmetics have also tried to create products for face painting in the form of mineral cosmetics. It is mineral makeup for problematic complexions that has become the best choice and is promoted by many women.

Mineral makeup is the result of using very delicate cosmetics that do not have an invasive form, so they are suitable for us. If you have a skin that is delicate and has earlier damage, it will certainly be worth deciding to apply such solutions, thanks to which we will be able to protect ourselves against changes resulting from peeling or microdermabrasion.

Mineral makeup - naturalness included in the price

Mineral cosmetics in their appearance will not differ from ordinary products. The difference will be hidden in the composition of these products. There are no synthetic additives such as parabens, preservatives or fragrances, and it is these substances that will most often cause skin irritation or allergies, or even exacerbate the inflammatory conditions already existing on the skin. Most often such a base for these products are:

Zinc oxide, which has the form of a sunscreen and mild action, titanium dioxide, which has an antibacterial effect, titanium oxide, which has a soothing effect on skin irritation, mica, the particles of which will make the makeup has a beautiful shine and also oxides of iron, chromium, manganese, ultramarine and the form of natural colorant.

Execution of mineral make-up

Mineral cosmetics have a loose form because there is no fat or water in them. For this reason, they have an unlimited lifetime. Such a liquid or water-containing consistency can be like a nutrient for bacteria, so the date of use must be specified.

Mineral palette of possibilities

Mineral cosmetics after application are characterized by a natural appearance and makeup is practically very discreet. Sometimes it will also be used by men. Naturalness results from the fact that the ingredients that make up cosmetics are of different sizes and that is why it will be possible to distribute them comfortably on the skin. Manufacturers try to prepare a diversified line of cosmetics and take care to improve them all the time.

Mineral makeup - triple role

Mineral cosmetics have different tasks because they can decorate, care for and protect naturally. Many of the ingredients in these products are like filters that do not allow UV radiation into the skin. They are therefore recommended for people who will react badly to the sun and want to have a beautiful young complexion for a long time.

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