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March 1, 2024 1:20am

Is a mineral base an ideal cosmetic?

More and more cosmetics of natural origin are beginning to appear on the cosmetic market. It is a very good alternative to traditional cosmetics. Already nowadays, mineral cosmetics are used by many women and probably in the next few years, the number of women who have given up on chemical cosmetics will increase.

This is because mineral cosmetics have a very good effect on the skin and are gentle on the skin, so they are suitable for use even when, for some health reasons, traditional cosmetics from drugstores cannot be used.

Mineral base is an exceptionally delicate cosmetic, thanks to which there will be no skin irritations. It will work perfectly well when traditional cosmetics will not be able to perform their functions, causing negative reactions of the skin. It is important to know that mineral cosmetics are not only a safer substitute for synthetic cosmetics. They are simply very well covering, so you can successfully use them every day for a very natural effect.

What are the components of mineral sleepers?

Already after the name you can say that there are no chemical ingredients in mineral bases, so there are no preservatives, fragrances, colouring substances, waxes, silicones, fillers or various oils. What actually constitutes their basis?

Good quality mineral bases have only a few components. The most common are: iron oxides, zinc oxide, mica, titanium dioxide. Each of them has its own unique function.

Advantages of mineral primer

Iron oxides are responsible for giving colour, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are responsible for the intensity of this colour (the more of them, the lighter the colour). Titanium dioxide is designed to properly cover the skin, and mica gives the skin a shine and optically smoothes fine wrinkles on the skin.

Of course, all these substances have an additional impact on the health of the skin. Titanium dioxide works as a UV filter. If the skin is too long and often exposed to sunlight, collagen fibres can be destroyed. Therefore, during the summer days it is worth to take care of protecting the skin with a sunscreen. Zinc oxide has an antiseptic effect, it also tightens the skin and allows for drying of eczemas - therefore, the mineral foundation can also be applied on acne skin. The ingredients are found in the cosmetic in the ground form. They do not contain any water, fatty substances or allergens. No mask effect.

For whom are mineral sleepers?

Mineral foundations can be used by women with practically all skin types. It happens that traditional primers are not recommended in case of allergic or acne skin. In the case of mineral cosmetics, there are no such fears, because they do not cause any adverse effects. They have a very delicate formula. If somebody fights eczema, even a dermatologist may recommend the use of primers with a natural composition. Make-up with these cosmetics can be done even after cosmetic treatments, e.g. after diamond microdermabrasion.

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