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October 3, 2023 1:55pm

Hair removal

There are currently quite a lot of hair removal methods. Surprisingly, traditional shavers are still the most popular. Let's remember that hair covers almost the entire human body. In some they are dense and strongly visible, while in others they are barely noticeable. Much depends on gender, medication or some kind of disorder, e.g. hormonal disorders. Although there are few exceptions among women who give up epilation, the vast majority of us are looking for effective methods to remove unsightly hair. There are many depilation methods, so each of us can find something for himself among them. We invite you to review each of them.

Persistent methods

Among the most popular non-durable methods are: razors, waxes - warm and cold, mechanical epilators, depilatory creams and sugar paste.

A shaver is an extremely simple, inexpensive and uncomplicated way to shave. Unfortunately, it only allows you to trim the hairs right next day, so the next day you can see small offshoots. This procedure is best repeated every two days and performed wet. For this purpose, shaving foams or shaving gels should be used. The downside is that the hair grows back thicker and stronger.

Wax also helps to get rid of unwanted hair. Warm wax affects skin pore dilatation. It is applied in the direction of hair growth. A stripe of fleece is applied to the hairy parts of the skin, which is then torn off with a fast, intensive movement. This is a painful method. Cold wax is based on body temperature. It is used in the same way as warm wax. The method should be repeated every 4-6 weeks.

Mechanical epilators are electrical devices. This method allows you to tear the hairs together with the bulbs, which is an unquestionable advantage. Unfortunately, it is quite painful and time-consuming. You should also be careful if you have very sensitive skin, as it can irritate you.

Depilatory creams dissolve hair keratin. This is a simple, painless and inexpensive method, but unfortunately it works for a short time and the procedure should be repeated quickly.

Sugar paste contains sugar, water and lemon juice. It is applied against the hair and breaks with the direction of its growth. This is an easy method and the paste does not stick to the skin, which makes it less painful.

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Durable hair removal methods

Permanent methods of hair removal include: lasers, IPL, electroepilation.

Diode lasers are the most popular form of permanent hair removal. It removes hairs by means of pulsed light beams. The laser radiates and the hair bulbs are destroyed. This type of hair removal is carried out several times, repeated every few weeks.

IPL is a procedure during which the client is exposed to a xenon lamp. It allows hair to be removed at different depths. The procedure is also performed in series, about 5-8.

Electroepilation is a procedure with the use of electricity. An electric impulse permanently damages the hair matrix and thus the hair stops growing.

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