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October 1, 2022 4:53am

Why buy glasses from an optician?

Glasses help to function better, sometimes they are also an important part of a person's image. So we choose them in terms of functionality, but also aesthetics. A visit to the optician allows you to professionally examine the sharpness of your eyes and see exactly what glasses we need. The optician will also help you choose accessories such as anti-reflective coatings or darkening of the glass in case of strong sunshine. However, the first step to choose the right eyepieces is the examination. What is it all about and what else to expect in the optician's office and salon?

Examination of visual acuity

The first stage of the optician's vision examination is an autorefractometer. What does this mean? We sit comfortably on a chair, rest our chin on a stand and observe the displayed image, which becomes sharper and blurred, and during this time the device collects information with the help of infrared technology about how quickly the eye adapts. Such an examination provides a lot of important information, but it should be followed by a subjective examination of visual acuity.

In a city like Krakow there is no shortage of good optical salons. The second stage of the survey, in the form of questions asked to the client, is also carried out here. They concern medication and visits to the ophthalmologist, and then the ease or difficulty of reading rows of numbers. Thanks to this, the optician can see how he or she sees the person being examined subjectively. The next step is to choose the right lenses before ordering glasses.

Why only optics?

Buying glasses outside of the appropriate place, such as an optician's shop, may tempt you. First of all, a price that is lower, but also an easy procedure. It is important to be aware, however, that this is not always the right choice. There are at least a few reasons why you should only buy glasses from an optician.

lens selection

Individually matched lenses

In shops, drugstores and bazaars you can buy glasses in very interesting frames and prices, but their glasses are always the same. Many people have small differences in the defect of the right and left eye. Wearing both identical lenses will cause them headaches and dizziness, and even worse eyesight. It is not worth risking. Optical glasses can also be selected to serve both distance and reading at the same time, or they can be more durable than standard, depending on needs.

Good quality

The optical showroom also ensures the appropriate quality of glasses. They will certainly not contribute to visual impairment or poor visual quality. Buying glasses in a professional salon is therefore an expression of concern for your eyesight.

Examination prior to purchase

Importantly, the optician also performs a test before choosing the right glasses for the person. It's a much better option than "missed - hit".

Appropriate toolholders

There is no shortage of optical shops in Krakow with a wide selection of frames. What's more, the salon's employees can also advise, so that the glasses become a decoration and a coherent part of the image. Opticians can also buy beautiful sunglasses, which really protect the eyes from UV radiation, and at the same time improve the eyesight.

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