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May 24, 2024 10:40pm

Training for building muscle mass

People who exercise in the gym, or at least some of them follow the rule: build mass in winter, reduce it in spring and summer. This allows you to enjoy an excellent form, e.g. during holidays. Excessive fatty tissue can be easily hidden under clothes in winter. It would seem that winter and mass are an ideal combination. Is this the case for sure?

Weight in winter?

Well used winter months means building mass and burning it at the same time. So building muscle mass in winter is much more pleasant.

In winter we usually have a greater appetite, which is related to increased energy needs. People who generally eat little are more likely to eat snacks in winter. Very often the schedule of each day is much more stable than in the other seasons of the year. It is difficult to burn fat and build dry muscle mass at the same time. Therefore, such a procedure requires attention to each component of bodybuilding.

Muscle mass - diet

A diet aimed at building dry muscle mass is very often expected during the so-called reduction. It is not the easiest. Improperly planned daily calorie intake, volume of meals or the amount of macroelements have a negative impact on the effects in the mass period. Building muscle mass is much more pleasant than the so-called reduction. This has its basis in the positive energy balance of the diet. If we want to increase weight, we need to consume more calories than the body's daily requirements. However, you should not consume too much of them either, because then the level of fat tissue will increase. Building muscle mass without fat must be based on :

  • increasing the amount of calories in meals,
  • consume only good quality calories.

Muscle mass - what to eat?

Consuming healthy products will make it possible to burn fat and build muscle mass at the same time. A healthy diet perfectly influences the work of bacterial microflora and metabolism.
The diet should be based on healthy fats from nuts, avocados and olive oil. The source of protein should be fish, as well as meat. The source of carbohydrates should be products such as rice, groats, wholegrain pasta, dark bread.

muscle mass training

Muscle mass - training

Training that results in building muscle mass should be based on :

  • working with free weights,
  • exercises that involve all joints.

How else can the mass period be supported?

Reduce the number of repetitions and series and extend the rest period between them. In addition, the training load should be 70-90% of the exercise person's capacity.

Is there a training plan to build muscle very quickly? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer, because each of them provides some benefits.

The winter period for building up dry muscle mass is usually long. It is worth to use different training plans to surprise your muscles. It should be borne in mind that the greatest relationship exists between mass and diet. If we apply even the best mass plan, without a diet our effects will not be enough. Combining these two factors, crossfit is a very good training for building muscle mass. However, this is not a simple discipline, because it requires a lot of knowledge about the correctness of doing exercises. We can be assisted in this by a few trainings or permanent cooperation with a personal trainer.

Muscle mass - supplements

In bodybuilding supplementation is one of the components, but is it necessary? It turns out not.

Achieving muscle mass without nutrients is possible, but we need to pay a lot of attention to the diet. Supplements are intended to supplement macro-ingredients that we do not consume together with the food. However, if you follow the right diet, you can skip the use of supplements.

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