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May 24, 2024 8:39pm

How to use and take care of the brushes of the kabuki?

Kabuki's round, characteristic brushes are popular among lovers of natural cosmetics and mineral makeup. Thanks to their unique structure and shape, these brushes allow for a very precise distribution of the foundation on the face. This, in turn, as it is commonly known, affects the appearance of makeup no less than the quality of cosmetics used in its manufacture. Applying them with a finger rarely gives good results, and loose cosmetics applied with a tin do not melt sufficiently precisely into the complexion. That's why it's worth getting acquainted with good brushes.

Kabuki brushes owe their name to the Japanese theatrical play, which is distinguished by the artistic stage make-up. Of course, we do not create smooth masks on the face on a daily basis, but also the foundation, which gives natural effects, requires a solid distribution - especially when it is loose. Kabuki brushes have a round head, a large surface, and their bristles are fine and soft.

Storage and brushing

In order for the brushes to retain their properties for a long time and to be used for making beautiful make-up, they should be taken care of. How? First of all, store them away from moisture. For this reason it is much better and safer to keep the brushes outside the bathroom. What's more, it's best not to do make-up in the bathroom either. Artificial lighting, which is most often encountered there, is not conducive to precision. If you have no other way out, the brushes lying in the bathroom should be in waterproof cases. Moisturey brush quickly starts to tear, tear apart, destroys it diluted glue, which connects the bristles and handle. This storage environment is also conducive to bacterial and microbial proliferation. During everyday use, the brush gets a cosmetic, but also sebum and dead skin. The brushes should be washed at least once a week so that they do not become a breeding ground for bacteria. You can use an ordinary hair shampoo for this purpose. After gentle brush washing (without scrubbing!), drain it with a paper towel and leave it to dry completely, in an upright position. The brush-egg helps you to clean your cabuck brushes thoroughly.

Make-up brush set

Types, sizes and materials

Kabuki brushes are available in several different sizes and have different angles of hair cut. These data are described by special symbols on the packaging. The smallest brushes are the so-called baby kabuki. They are usually made of natural, environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo.

How to paint yourself with the brush of a cabuck?

The art of painting with the use of a cabbage brush is reduced to the technique of stamping. The product in the form of a loose mineral powder should be applied point-by-point, from the centre of the face to its borders. We move from the nose to the hairline and the jaw. To ensure that the brush of the cabuck shows its full potential, do not use a painting technique. Such movements are made only when we want to shake off the excess powder from the face. Thanks to the proper shape of the bristles, the brush of the cabuck allows to achieve a satin, accurate finish with the help of mineral cosmetics.

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