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May 18, 2022 4:46am

How to strengthen immunity?

In the autumn, advertisements with drugs and supplements refer to the strengthening of immunity. Is this really possible from a biological point of view? This is not entirely true.

Increasing resistance

The question of whether immunity can be increased is not answered in advertisements. This is because the natural level of immunity of the body cannot be increased. The immune processes in each body are shaped differently. A rare case is when immunity is affected by a lack of nutrients.

In order to develop immunity, it is necessary to combat pathogens, and if infection occurs, immunity is reduced. This is because cells focused on overcoming microorganisms do not react at this time to other types of threats. Then it becomes necessary to mobilize the body to be more active periodically in order to protect against illness. However, even if proper supplementation is used, it does not mean that autumn will not be without diseases.

How to strengthen immunity

It is worth remembering that in order to prepare for autumn, it is not worth starting supplementation already in summer, because then you will lose valuable substances. It is not possible to make stocks in the body. If an ingredient is not useful at a given moment, it simply expels. Therefore, supplements must be taken when they are needed. This is best done when the infection starts, but there are no symptoms. When the symptoms appear, it will be a little too late.

Improvement of immunity

Support of immunity should take place on a regular basis. This is because unnecessary substances are excreted and therefore, when they are needed, they may be missing and it will be more difficult to counteract infections. Supplements should therefore be taken at appropriate intervals so that they always have a good effect.

What is suitable as a supplement?

It is best to plan your diet in such a way that no supplements can be used. But if it is necessary, you should especially use natural products, such as juices, dried fruit or green barley, Spirulina or Chlorella, because there are really many beneficial substances in them that will have a great effect on the immune system. A very popular and effective supplement recently is bee feather extract.

Vitamins are the ingredients that the body begins to lack first, so you should focus primarily on taking them first. And if you want to use synthetic supplements, remember that this is not the best idea. If an infection occurs, the liver will initiate intensive detoxification. Other organs also get rid of the cells of pathogens that were attacked by the disease. There is no need to add chemistry to your body if you can use natural remedies. They will help you to recover during your illness.

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