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April 15, 2024 11:45am

Household exercise equipment

Gyms and fitness clubs are full of professional fitness equipment. The offer is very rich and is not limited as it used to be only dumbbells, barbells, ladders and atlas. Remember that parts of equipment and devices that are in the gym can also be used at home.


Training, resistance, rehabilitation. Anyone can practice with them and in any conditions. They take up very little space, do not cost much and can be taken with you everywhere. With their help you can strengthen any part of the body. They are also one of the basic elements of rehabilitation, which is used after injuries and surgical procedures and in the training of professional athletes. They can even be used by children. The tapes are characterized by different resistance force, which allows you to precisely match them to individual training. We can also choose their color according to individual preferences.

Kettlebell - weight

This is a relative novelty in clubs and gyms, although their history dates back to ancient Greece. Training with weights (ketlami) primarily strengthens the heart and muscles of the back, but is also used in weight loss programs. Their main advantage is their versatility - they can be used almost everywhere where we have some space around us (be careful not to exercise near windows and objects that are easy to damage). During an hour-long training with ketles you can burn up to 1500 calories. Just like tapes, weights are available in many colours and are quite affordable.


Soft Weight

It is associated primarily with exercises during WF lessons. This is not entirely true, as athletes, patients on rehabilitation and uniformed services often practice with a medical ball. It is worth having it in the home gym, as well as tapes and weights. Exercises with a Soft Weight shape and strengthen the body, gaining mainly our spine and its muscle braid.

Ergometer (rowing)

Excellent choice for people looking for good cardio training. It is often used in various challenges, fitness marathons or charity events. The ergometer engages the muscles of the legs, arms, shoulders, back and deep muscles. It is easy to use, you can put it in the apartment. When using it, one should pay attention to the correct technique of performing exercises. Otherwise, the effects of overloading on your back will be painful.

Let us remember that this is not the most important place of exercise, but the very benefits of practicing sports. Certainly some of the equipment and devices available at the gym can also be used at home. With the right, correct technique of performing exercises and similar to the time spent on training, the final effect will be the same.

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