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May 24, 2024 9:39pm

Is it worth investing in an exercise ball?

Exercise balls - is it worth buying?

They have a positive effect on the spine and muscles, help to take care of posture, form and beautiful silhouette. They are used for training and treatment of orthopaedic diseases. They are ideal for exercises at home and in the gym. This ball, also called "swiss ball", was created in the 1960s. Used in physiotherapy, it helped the disabled and those struggling with orthopaedic problems. More positive health effects were quickly noticed and started to be widely used also during fitness training.

Positive effects of using the ball

The Swiss ball is also used in artistic gymnastics and massage. Exercises with it are considered an alternative to yoga and pilates. Even sitting on it has a positive effect on posture and balance. Training with it stretches and strengthens muscles, especially spinal muscles, and also prevents posture defects, increases strength, has a good effect on joints and internal organs, works well in slimming.

Ball models

Made of soft, flexible material in various sizes, adapted to the purpose and size of the user. Universal, oval PCV rubber balls have a diameter of 55 - 85 cm. Their strength depends on the thickness of the rubber from which they are made. More durable models are made of ABS foam. Bean-shaped balls are used in rehabilitation of people with orthopaedic and neurological problems. Versions with thorns are used for body massage. They are usually up to 24 cm in diameter and are most commonly used for leg massage and hand exercises.


How do I choose the right size?

You have to take into account the height and angle formed after taking a seat on the ball. It should be 90° between the thighs and the upper part of the body when the feet touch the ground. For people with a height of 150-165 cm there will be good balls with a diameter of 55 cm, for 166-175 cm with a diameter of 65 cm, and for people with a height of 176-185 cm balls with a diameter of 75 cm will be useful. Taller ones should use the ball 85 cm. It is worth paying attention to the thickness and quality of the material.

How to practice on the ball?

First of all, select the appropriate exercise program. It's worth going to professional classes at least once and see how the training looks like. It is also worth looking for instructional videos on the Internet. One of the basic exercises consists in taking a place on the ball (angle of 90 degrees between the thighs and the top of the body, upright posture), and then lowering and lifting the thighs, as a result of which we move up and down on the ball. Another example is an exercise in which we lie down on the ball, resting half our backs and palms on our thighs. Slowly lift the upper part of the body forward and then return to the initial position. However, everyone should choose the exercises that best suit their preferences and the goals they want to achieve with them.

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