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May 24, 2024 10:41pm

Needle-free mesotherapy

A healthy and young appearance will not always result from good genes. Often, such a result and appearance must be earned. That is why various creams, masks and peelings are used. We are looking for such cosmetic treatments, thanks to which it will be easier to get a perfect look. It is about delaying the appearance of first wrinkles, among other things.

Today we have the possibility to enlarge the scope of home care with such treatments that once could only be carried out in beauty parlours. Cleans your face with a cavitation scrub to keep your skin looking fresh, young and radiant.

Why choose needle-free mesotherapy

If our skin is dry, wrinkles, discolorations and dilated capillaries appear, there will be signs that the skin needs radical action. This is a treatment that will allow us to introduce active ingredients found in cosmetic preparations into the skin. Thanks to this phenomenon defined as electroporation, there are situations in which individual particles of preparations can reach the skin and have an opportunity to have a positive effect on our body.

Which device to choose?

Currently, we can find on the market many different devices allowing to perform needleless mesotherapy. Among them there are large units intended for beauty parlours as well as smaller proposals in the form of mobile devices, which will work well in mobile conditions or during home care. Such a simple equipment for our own needs for the beginning will be sufficient.

Cosmetics for skin health

Cosmetic preparations

When it comes to serum or special ampoule you will need to choose it for your skin. If the skin requires good moisturizing, hyaluronic acid or collagen should be used. Both ingredients will work very well and will help to reduce wrinkles. If we want to achieve a lifting effect, a cosmetic with argirelin, a substance that is not toxic and will be a milder alternative to botox, will work very well. If someone has a problem with capillary complexion, a serum with vitamin C, because it strengthens blood vessels, will be a suitable form for him/her. Arbutin can be selected to brighten the skin colour. Manufacturers of cosmetic preparations nowadays have more and more and more interesting proposals for us.

When mesotherapy is not allowed

Not everyone can undergo this procedure. Contraindications are always pregnancy and breastfeeding. People suffering from inflammatory conditions, herpes, bacterial or viral infections cannot benefit from this.

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