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July 23, 2024 8:35pm

What is dental surgery and can such procedures be dangerous?

Most of us associate tooth extraction with a simple procedure, after which you will be able to return to your daily duties relatively quickly. However, there are many factors that may cause such a procedure to end with a necessary visit to the dentist's surgeon. This will suit us on average, because we immediately begin to imagine a serious intervention and many hours spent on the table.

However, this mistrustful approach often results from the fact that we do not have adequate knowledge about the field of dental surgery. What will it consist of and can it be dangerous for our health? Dental surgery is a field of medicine whose aim is to treat the surgical treatment of the oral cavity and its surroundings such as barks, mandible, tongue, lips, salivary glands.

For this reason, when choosing a specialist, you will first need to find out what kind of treatments a person specializes in and what experience he or she has in this area which will interest us. These most common procedures include the removal of teeth, in particular the so-called wisdom teeth, the uncovering of retained teeth in the arch, removal of the root apex, changes in the mucous membrane, incision of the frenulum and tongue, treatment of facial pain syndromes, treatment of periodontal diseases, benign tumours and some malignant cancers of the oral cavity.

When should the surgeon remove the tooth?

There are some indications that will speak in favour of this. For example, wisdom tooth extraction, whose anatomical structure is different, unpredictable and because of the fact that they are located in a difficult, inaccessible part of the oral cavity. Another indication is the occurrence of periapical lesions, which must be removed together with the tooth in order to prevent further bone changes.

Dental surgery

In addition, such changes in the upper teeth may lead to the destruction of the plaque separating the oral cavity from the maxillary sinus, in which case the plastic will have to be made to close the joint. It is a procedure that is painless and not complicated. However, its implementation requires practice and some experience.

Often dentists abandon some procedures themselves and advise the patient to go to a specialist surgeon. It is fair and beneficial for the patient, because the surgeon will perform such a procedure much more efficiently, taking into account his experience gained in the course of specialization. The visit of a dentist surgeon is often connected with our doubts as to whether the procedure will be carried out safely.

If this is the first time we have a problem with such teeth, it will be worth spending some time finding the best experienced professionals. Looking for a friend, check the forums, look for opinions about the centres that advertise themselves. It is worth getting acquainted with these centres and what others think about them, because it will be possible to find out whether it is worth going to such a centre to perform the procedure.

Already during the visit, it is worth paying attention to the physician's behaviour or clearly answers our questions and inspires trust. We cannot be afraid of such a person, you have to trust their experience and knowledge that they have. If we feel comfortable there, we can count on the fact that we are in the hands of good, competent people.

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