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March 24, 2023 4:07am

How to lose weight to lose weight effectively?

Changes should be made gradually. It should be emphasized that the optimal weight loss process should consist in reducing the weight by about 0.5-1.0 kg/week.

Why should I seek advice from a dietitian?

A nutritionist is a specialist who helps to gradually change eating habits, without sacrifices or adverse health consequences. Arrange the menu according to individual dietary preferences, set meal times according to the mode of work, teach how to make healthy choices and the optimal composition of meals. Such professional support cannot be found in advice from the Internet or colour magazines.

Why not shop when you feel hungry?

Scientific research has shown that in times of hunger, we buy more than our needs. Therefore, those who are struggling with unnecessary kilos should do their shopping best immediately after a meal. It is also important to prepare a shopping list, preferably on the basis of a pre-planned menu.

Read labels

There is a lot of valuable information on the label of a food product. Ingredients are always arranged in order from the largest share in the product to the smallest quantity. On the basis of a nutrient table, the calorific value of a portion of the product as well as its fat and sugar content can be evaluated. Care should be taken to ensure that the basket is dominated by unprocessed products, mainly raw fruit and vegetables, as well as low-fat dairy products, lean meat, fish and whole-grain cereal products.

Reorganisation of the kitchen is also important

When modifying your diet, you should immediately reorganize your kitchen, a place that usually tempts with easy access to food. For all food products you need to find a suitable place in cabinets or glaciers. It is worth removing all sweets and snacks from shelves and tables or other visible places. An optimal portion should be prepared for meals so that no leftovers remain.

Is it necessary to give up all pleasures?

No, although parties are a nightmare for people on a diet. Immediately before adoption, it is necessary to plan which products will be included in the current diet. Maybe the snacks will be nuts and seeds, or fresh vegetables. From among the dishes you should choose lean meat, preferably with salads or cooked vegetables. It is worth remembering that alcohol provides a large amount of calories, you should choose low-interest drinks.

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