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July 4, 2022 5:41pm

5 tips on how to choose the ideal mineral base for your skin

Probably most women have their favourite cosmetic, which they use every day. The mineral base will be a make-up discovery for many women. Once they know it, they will not want to give it up. And this will not only apply to women who have imperfections on their skin. Acne, blackheads, enlarged pores will appear. So how can you decide on a mineral base, which will be perfect.

Possessed skin type

The basic thing you will always have to take into account is, among other things, considering what type of foundation to choose for your skin. Nowadays it is distinguished by dry skin, which is naturally dried, can peel off, dull and devoid of radiance. Normal skin has a light color, will be smooth, there are no discolorations or dilated pores. It will also not require any special intervention in the form of super-coverage. Mixed complexion is a skin that has a tendency to dry and oily skin. Such skin will be able to have clogged pores, so there will be a good foundation that absorbs excess sebum.

Oily skin is the skin that will become oily, often appear acneous changes, blackheads, which may result from bad epidermis cornification, sebum secretion. It will not be true that this is a kind of skin that will be to a heavy foundation. You can also opt for a mineral powder from the matt series. The skin is ripe, it can be dry, oily. It is always connected by the fact that it will lose its firmness, wrinkles appear on it and with age it is more sensitive and more susceptible to allergies. It will therefore be necessary to use an undercoat from the covering series.

Mineral base in what formula?

With formula selection, it will look easier than with shade selection. If somebody has skin that does not cause problems and is looking for an even colour, they can choose a brightening formula. This foundation guarantees that the complexion will be full of radiance. If your complexion is greasy and shining, you can choose a mattifying formula, which will hide imperfections.

Primer for mature skin

The right brand of primer

It is also worth paying attention to the brand of the primer. You certainly need to check the price, opinions, color ranges, brightness. All of this will surely matter when making a decision, because we have different colour groups and different levels of brightness. You can also choose the right finish and coverage level. On the market there are both more opaque and less opaque, satin or illuminating ones.

What shade of shade

If the shade of the skin is porcelain and in the primers we choose the first of the palette, then the mineral primer must be of the delicate ones. If the complexion is darker, the primer should be a medium or dark.

Weather-adapted primer

What is certainly interesting is the fact that the mineral base can be used depending on the season. That is why expectations also change with the changing aura. In summer, with a beautifully tanned face and high temperatures, you can apply a lightweight foundation, which will not burden the skin and additionally protects the skin against radiation. In winter, when the frost works and strong wind you will need to protect your skin to choose a dense, much more opaque product.

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