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May 24, 2024 10:43pm

Mission: slim for holidays

For the third year in a row you decide to present yourself on the beach in a bikini, but nothing of these announcements comes out of it? Failure is not always the result of laziness or straw enthusiasm. In order to achieve the expected success, it is first necessary to diagnose the "culprit" who effectively blocks the achievement of our goal. How to develop a beautiful silhouette and take care of your well-being until the summer?

Subsequent diet-wonder, noisy decisions about weight loss, hunger strike or bought in the surge of motivational passes for the gym.... and further nothing. When somebody asks us, we answer that "actually we are on a diet" or "from tomorrow we are on a diet". What is really stopping us from realizing our dream of a slim figure?

Internal critic - you can't do it anyway!

Unfortunately, very often the biggest enemy in the fight to get rid of extra pounds are... we ourselves. It is not only "straw enthusiasm" that after a week of diet or going to the gym, we give ourselves peace of mind with all this. It is difficult to achieve the goal if we do not believe in our hearts that we have a chance to achieve it. As a result, we are constantly switching to the next diet (in which we persevere for up to three days), and with each subsequent failure, we only strengthen our conviction that we are hopeless and will never succeed. Effects? Reduced self-esteem, lack of confidence in one's own capabilities and a silhouette that is more and more distant from the ideal (because the body makes up for each hunger strike with more than enough effort).

Follow-up visit to a doctor

Undiagnosed diseases

In fact, this is what we should start preparing for slimming - a thorough health check. Thyroid diseases, hormonal disorders, diabetes, insulin resistance or food intolerances such as coeliac disease can develop at any age. Someone could eat everything for twenty or thirty years... until the first symptoms of the disease appeared. Sometimes only problems with slimming induce us to examine ourselves and then it turns out that behind e.g. continuous sluggishness, chronic fatigue and lack of energy to undertake any physical activity there is a developing disease, with which we have to start fighting as soon as possible. Instead of another miracle diet, hunger strike or a new supplement to suppress appetite, first go to the doctor!

Poor choice of physical activity - exercises as a punishment

If you think about a visit to a gym or a training with a popular fitness trainer, you feel weak, it's a sign that we've taken a wrong approach to the subject. Treating physical activity in the category of punishment will not help us achieve the desired goal. If we exercise and move "for a punishment", and the form of reward is to eat chocolate cake with whipped cream, we will finally surrender. Therefore, when choosing physical activity, which next to a diet is to help us lose extra pounds, let's start with one that gives us pleasure. Instead of running, which we can't find out if we can't find out about exhausting workouts in the gym, it's better to go to the swimming pool several times a week, ride more and more bikes such as the municipal Virginia 3 Le Grand (riding a bike is a real injection of endorphins, just like eating.... chocolate!) and maybe start an adventure with disciplines such as tennis or golf.

Balanced diet

And I will be faithful to you until the first stress.

We start a diet with full motivation and energy. The first days, even if they are sometimes difficult, we bravely stick to our decision. There comes a difficult and stressful day at work, a bigger argument with the partner, problems of the child at school, a broken fridge, culprit... Stressful moments multiply, and we.... give up by eating. Because in fact, sweets, pizza or a sweet drink is supposed to reward us for a hard day and improve our mood. We eat, forgive our diet and once again we are convinced that we are for nothing. Stress is an integral part of our lives and we must learn to cope with it in a different way than by eating. After a hard day, instead of absorbing empty calories, you should take a relaxing bath, go for a walk or ride a bike for half an hour. Diet and healthy eating should accompany us in both good and difficult moments of everyday life.

Treat your diet seriously

The mission "slim for holidays" has a chance to succeed only if we take the whole matter seriously. When family and friends hear for the tenth time in a year that from now on we are on a diet, and two weeks later they see that we eat pizza and drink cola, they do not take our attempts to reach the figure of their dreams seriously. In fact, by doing so, we also do not take diet seriously. A person suffering from celiac disease or diabetes, if he does not neglect health, he does not forgive himself healthy eating, because holidays, grandmother's name day or integration event at work - so why should we only forgive each other a month later to complain again, that this time we will certainly take care of ourselves? Well, we will not get down unless we take our goal seriously and persistently pursue it.

And the stake is really high. In fact, it's not just about well-being and a slim figure, but above all about health.

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