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July 23, 2024 8:33pm

Flat stomach in a week - diet and exercise for 7 days - part I

Is it possible to make a flat stomach in just one week? If your dream is to carve a flat stomach in a week, these exercises will help make your dream come true! In 7 days you can shed 3-4 centimeters in a belt. However, it is worth being prepared for many sacrifices. Here you will learn how to get a flat stomach in a week!

The vision of sculpting a flat stomach in just a week seems to be an unrealistic dream. Often a quick effect is necessary, because in a week's time a family celebration is approaching in great steps and you have to put on a tight dress. What to do then? Here are our tips.

Flat stomach in a week - is it possible?

It must be made clear that it is not possible to achieve spectacular results when there has been no previous sport and an unhealthy lifestyle. Removing the hanging and unaesthetic abdomen is not a matter of a week, but many months of hard work. You should not only exercise and eat healthily, but also reduce the amount of calories consumed. During weight loss a number of hormonal changes take place in the body, so be careful because of the possible yo-yo effect.

A perfectly flat stomach in a week can only be a dream. And what is the reality?

Within a week, the circumference of the belt may be reduced by a few centimetres. One must be aware, however, that a slim figure will be obtained by the loss of water and fat tissue. Exercise can slightly speed up the whole process, but intensive effort must be taken into account. This allows the abdomen to become slimmer.

Flat stomach diet per week

If you want to carve your abdomen, you have to be consistent. There is no question of snacks and weakness. You can't improvise, just act.

A healthy mealFollow these steps:

Cut your daily calorific demand by 300 kcal.

To do this, you need to calculate your CPM and then subtract from the 300 kcal value. The result is the amount of calories that must not be exceeded during the day.

2. plan your meals 2-3 days in advance

It is worthwhile to write down the ideas you want to eat for breakfast and lunch. Do not buy anything under the influence of the moment, only products that are on the list. Focus on fresh fruit and vegetables. You can also take advantage of places offering fresh, vegan dinners.

Healthy hydration of the body3) Eat 5 meals a day, taking into account your daily calorific limit

It is necessary to keep the breaks between meals. If you feel hungry, eat a few nuts as they suppress your appetite or 2 cubes of bitter chocolate.

4. drink plenty of water - at least 2 litres per day (8-10 glasses)

Water fills the stomach and eliminates hunger. Additionally, it cleanses the body and prevents constipation. It is worth adding fruit to the water in order to make its taste better.

5. if you want to get a flat stomach in a week, reduce simple sugars

They are responsible for the accumulation of fat folds in the abdomen area. Simple sugars are contained in white sugar, white bread, so it is necessary to eliminate them, consume dietary fiber and simple carbohydrates in fruits after training.

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