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April 15, 2024 11:47am

All the secrets of botox

Botox is invariably one of those treatments, which are most often chosen by proponents of aesthetic medicine around the world. Its popularity can also be said in the context of our country, although it cannot be denied that its use still arouses some controversy. One of the most frequently asked questions is therefore the question of what the real possibilities of botox are.

It is worth remembering that this is one of the best ways to postpone the effects of skin aging. In this case we are dealing with a method not only popular, but also extremely safe, used not only to optically reduce mimic wrinkles.

What is botox?

Botox is also a way to make your face look younger, fresher and often softer. The safety of the procedure is largely determined by the fact that the botulinum toxin is administered only in small amounts. As a result, the nerve conduction that normally occurs between the nerves and muscles stops. The muscles become more relaxed and the mimic wrinkles are smoothed out.

How long does the effect last?

However, the effects of botox use are not permanent. They usually last from three to six months, although both the dose of toxin used and the individual patient's preferences are important. Fortunately, even if you decide on regular treatments, you do not have to worry about their possible harmfulness to the body.

Wrinkle removal

Is botox harmful?

Yes, it may cause allergic reactions, but the risk of allergic reactions is not greater than with any other drug. Botulinum toxin has been used in various branches of medicine for over twenty years, so it is not surprising that doctors know a lot about it. The procedure itself is always carried out after consultation with a doctor. This assesses the quality of the skin, determines its tension and assesses the characteristics of facial expressions. It is only on this basis that the decision is made as to where the toxin should be placed and what amounts of toxin will be needed for the treatment to satisfy the person who decides to use it.

What does a botox treatment look like?

What is important, the procedure not only does not require any special preparations, but also does not take too long. Its duration does not usually exceed twenty minutes. It also does not require convalescence, so you can decide on it without taking a holiday. The procedure is also not painful, and despite the appearance of punctures, we do not have to be afraid that they will contribute to the formation of bruising and swelling. The procedure is not performed in the case of pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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