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June 13, 2024 2:50am

How to dry fruit and vegetables?

With the end of the summer season and saying goodbye to all its benefits, sorrow comes. Practically every person would like to keep the taste and smell of fruit and vegetables. Thanks to that, even on gloomy autumn and winter days she could enjoy the taste of juicy gifts of nature.

Fortunately, there is an excellent way to preserve all the summer flavours. It is a drying process, one of the excellent ways to preserve food. However, the entire drying process requires the preparation of food for further processing in an appropriate manner. Fruit and vegetables must be carefully washed and dried. The next step is to thinly slice into even slices and spread them evenly on a special dryer or baking paper.

In the case of oven drying, it is advisable to have a device equipped with a thermo-circulation option, because during drying the key element is proper air circulation. The key to success is to keep the temperature constant, low - it should be about 40 degrees. The process itself is quite laborious - you should regularly look into the slices, turn them over and take care not to burn them.

Dried apple

You can also use a radiator, place a baking tray on it, unscrew the heating and wait for the slices to dry. An old, proven method is also threading fruit or vegetables on the thread and hanging it on the heater. Optionally, food can be dried in the same way in the sun.

Drying fruit and vegetables is an excellent way to keep all the most important nutrients in the product. Dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals - all this remains in the product. Dried fruit and vegetables can be stored for a long time (in a dry and warm place).

Drying is an excellent way to obtain a healthy and tasty snack without artificial flavours, dyes and preservatives. There are many ways to dry, from traditional to modern methods - using a special electric dryer. Thanks to this simple technique, fruit and vegetables, full of valuable ingredients, will be at your fingertips all year round.

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