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July 23, 2024 7:54pm

3 reasons why it is worth caring for your beard

Men with beards are more attractive in the eyes of women, and at the same time more masculine - these are facts with which one cannot disagree. Fortunately, the times of metrosexual men are becoming a thing of the past and beards are becoming fashionable, with women's legs softening. After all, it's the quintessence of testosterone. But if you don't want it to be so colorful, then maintaining a good condition of your beard, so that it looks attractive, requires using the right cosmetics for your beard, then the effect will be stunning. But before we get to the point, there are three reasons why it is worth taking care of your beard.

Reason number one: neat beard= attractive male

If you already know that an attractive man is a beardman, it is worth remembering that in order to make your beard attractive and look good, it must be well maintained. After all, only then it looks good and in the eyes of the beautiful sex you are even more attractive. Of course, this attractiveness goes hand in hand with masculinity, because the beard is a kind of synonym for strength, or what should characterize a real man, but it is not about physical strength but also about strength of character and this confidence, which is defined, after all, you grow a beard not only to please women, but also to show your confidence and stand out from the crowd.

Reason number 2: You may look younger but also more serious

A beard gives you masculinity, but at the same time, if properly groomed, it subtracts years from your life. After all, beards look more masculine, but not older, but simply younger. The days when only old men wore beards are long gone. Nowadays, a beard fits any man, regardless of age. For men with delicate facial features, who have always dreamed of looking like a proverbial lumberjack, he will sharpen the facial features and add a dose of masculinity. In turn, slightly older men may rejuvenate themselves through this beard, after all, following the latest trends rejuvenates. The key to this is, of course, that the beard must be well cared for.

Reason number three, gentlemen's time.

A stylish and neat beard is associated with gentlemen, after all, it was worn by the nobility and kings. So if you define yourself as a gentleman, then show it also through your appearance, namely your well-groomed beard. There is one other issue worth mentioning here, and that is building social prestige. Well, by wearing a well cared for beard you present yourself not only more attractive, but also more stylishly and prestigious, and this beard in a way creates an aura of mystery and inaccessibility around you.

Wear a beard, but well cared for

It's worth wearing a beard. Both shorter and longer versions are fashionable. Everything depends only on the version you feel best in. But it's important to take care of her. So we're gonna give her a moment too. Remember that only a well-groomed beard is attractive, so it is essential that you use different cosmetics for your beard. Get a good shampoo at the beginning, e.g. Percy Nobleman beard shampoo. Cleanses, degreases the beard, and also allows you to get rid of all unpleasant odors. After each wash, comb it regularly and brush it. It is also worth to treat it with an additional dose of moisture in the form of a conditioner. Another absolute must have is, of course, the oil that must be rubbed in. Thanks to this, the beard and skin will be properly moisturized, which in turn translates into growing thicker and stronger hair. If your beard is unruly, use a suitable lotion, e.g. Mr. Lumberjacks. All these cosmetics will make your beard look great, but also smell beautiful, which does not mean that it is not worth to drop a drop of perfume on it yet.

Beard care is very important, but you must also remember to trim your beard regularly. This is also very important. If you have no experience in this, it is worth to use the services of a professional and go to the barber, which will give it a very fashionable shape.

This is especially important when you're just growing it.

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