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April 15, 2024 11:31am

Botox and its specificity

Women dream of a young look and wrinkle-free complexion no matter how old they are at any given moment. They do not limit themselves to their dreams, but are willing to grasp different ways to stop the time that passes inexorably. There are many treatments that can bring them closer to this goal, and currently the most popular are those that use botox.

Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the substance, which by many people is still considered to be mysterious. Ladies reach for this kind of solution at different ages, but they usually start to be interested in it after their thirtieth birthday. No wonder, however, that it is during this period that first wrinkles of mimic wrinkles, which are a consequence of grimaces, which usually accompany emotions, make us know about each other.

The biggest problem is related to collagen fibers, whose task is to support the skin of the face. These, however, are becoming weaker and thus lose elasticity, which leads to the deepening of wrinkles. This process is inevitable and cannot be opposed even by taking care of oneself, eating well and remembering how important the role of physical activity is in our lives. Yes, both massages and cosmetics help, but the problem with their effect lies in the fact that it is only short-lived.

Use of botox

Mysterious beauty toxin

Botox, which is advertised as a solution to this problem, is a toxin for the production of which the anaerobic bacterium of the sausage venom is responsible. In medicine it is nothing new, because it is commonly used for treating ticks, muscle spasms, and even strabismus. Since the eighties of the twentieth century, however, botox has also been present in aesthetic medicine and one cannot disagree with the fact that his career is staggering. A thin syringe is usually used for its injection, and before the procedure it is determined in which muscle the injection is to be made. Botox itself is designed to block the transmission of stimuli from the nerve endings to the muscles, which makes them relaxed and smooths the skin.

Unfortunately, we are still dealing with a reversible process, so botox usually does not work for more than nine months. Botox deserves attention also because it has a number of applications. It is usually used to smooth wrinkles on the forehead, although it also works well for crow's feet and the line that appears between the eyebrows. Botox also smoothes out the fissures on the neck and can prevent the skin from falling in the corners of the mouth.

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