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May 24, 2024 10:34pm

The beard and moustache need to be cared for properly. What kind of cosmetics to reach for?

The beard and mustache became fashionable again. However, in order to impress with their appearance, they must be properly cared for. For this purpose, you should bet on cosmetics that are intended for beards, such as the Barber Club L'Oréal Men Expert. These make it shiny and easier to style.

Everyone who has a beard or moustache should have in their beautician's bag preparations that will not only make it easier for them to put them together, but will also give them a shiny, healthy look. You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune at the barbers, although of course it's worth visiting them from time to time. However, the key is the daily care, and specialist cosmetics such as Barber Club L'Oréal Men Expert can be helpful here.

The beard is trendy again!

Fashion for beards (like anything else) passes, and after a while it comes back with a doubled force. The beard and moustache are now a hit again. They're all there - actors, celebrities and ordinary people. However, in order to look great, they must be properly maintained. There is no question of allowing hairs to grow freely on your face. Even if a man prefers a slightly loose style, his seemingly "beard disorder" is carefully arranged and planned.

The beard and moustache need to be cared for properly. What kind of cosmetics to reach for?

What kind of hair care products?

Which preparations are best for taking care of your beard and moustache? The Barber Club L'Oréal Men Expert is worth testing out for beard enthusiasts. It's a whole line of products that are designed for facial hair. You will find here: gel for washing beard, face and hair, cream for beard and hair styling, oil for long beard and skin and moisturizing gel for short beard and skin. All these cosmetics contain cedarwood oil, which strengthens and cares for the beard and moustache - and soothes irritations.

The beard should also reach for preparations for a specific beard length. A short one requires softening, while a long one requires appropriate subjugation. This makes styling much easier and more durable.

Step-by-step beard care

The beard and moustache must be well maintained - just like the hair. That's why you should wash your beard and face with a gel before you start laying them, such as the Barber Club L'Oréal Men Expert series. We dry the face thoroughly. The next step is to comb out the beard and trim it so that no hair protrudes beyond the others. Then it's a good idea to apply an oil or gel that will make your beard softer, shinier and more manageable. The styling is at the end - here it is good to choose a special cream that will keep your facial hair in place throughout the day and present yourself the way you want it to be.

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