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May 24, 2024 9:27pm

Application of hair oils

Oiling is a popular hair care treatment. Thanks to it you can take care of their good condition. How to carry out this procedure and with which cosmetics?

Carrying out the oiling procedure

Oiling is simply applying oil to your hair. It is spread all over the length of the hair. It is also worth massaging to stimulate circulation and relax. It is best to do it in the evening and leave the product on your head all night long. In the morning, the hair needs to be washed thoroughly to rinse the substance.

It is good to apply the oil to washed, damp hair to make it effective at the ends. You can also use it on dry hair. Of course, beforehand they must be combed well. The amount of oil used depends on the length of the hair - there will simply be more oil on long hair. While the oil is on your hair, wrap your head with a cap or towel.

It can also be used in other ways - apply oil to your hair before washing. If you do it in the morning, it must be on your hair for at least half an hour. The method depends on our preferences and possibilities.

Which oil to choose?

There are several oils that you can choose to oil. It is worth knowing that with each you can achieve a different effect. Coconut oil, for example, inhibits protein loss. Strengthens hair and influences the levelling of dandruff. It can only be used on the scalp, on the same strands or on the very ends. It has a good nourishing and protective effect. When applying to the tips, they should be slightly moistened. You can leave the oil at the ends for a very long time, you can even braid your hair in a braid. The oil is applied after heating to turn it into a liquid.

Hair oils

The almond oil has an oil consistency and a bittersweet aroma. Suitable for dry hair to regenerate it. If a woman has thin strands of hair that become greasy quickly, it should be applied to her hair before washing it to avoid the effect of clogged strands.

Argan oil contains a lot of vitamin E. It is suitable for moisturizing dry and weak hair. It has regenerating properties, thanks to which it allows to restore shine to the hair. Thanks to it, the tips do not split. It can be successfully applied on the scalp to fight dandruff. It can be easily washed off with water and shampoo.

Effects of oiling hair

If hair oiling is carried out regularly, you will notice better condition of the skin and the hair itself. With it you can effectively influence: split ends, giving hair a shine, eliminating hair dryness, nourishing with a belt.

In addition, hair loss, brittleness, dandruff and porosity will be eliminated.

All this is possible thanks to the fact that the oils contain only natural ingredients. There are no preservatives, and the oils have a very good effect on the condition of the hair.

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