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May 24, 2024 10:28pm

Laser tattoo removal - characteristics, description of the procedure, contraindications, side effects

It happens that under the influence of the impulse and the latest fashion trends we decide to tattoo and then we will regret this step. It also happens that the tattoo is not successful and that's why we want to get rid of it somehow because instead of decorating it begins to disfigure. Usually, however, over time we find out that the tattoo we were proud of will no longer fit into our style and personality.

In any situation, it is best to choose to remove the tattoo. Thanks to this treatment you can get rid of dubious decoration quickly and safely.

Characteristics of laser treatments

Laser used during the tattoo removal procedure will emit short pulses of light, which are absorbed by the individual pigments that the tattoo has. Waves of different lengths are absorbed by different colours. The fact that the dye accepts light tears it into small molecules, which are then removed by the immune system. Laser tattoo removal is difficult with yellow, white pink, orange or violet tattoos. Both professional and amateur tattoos that have been changed as a result of an injury can be eliminated.

Laser tattoo removal - description of the procedure

Laser tattoo removal is at least a few sessions with a laser. The number of treatments depends on the size and depth of the tattoo or dyes used, the density of the dye or skin color. The individual response to the laser is also important. Laser removal is associated with slight pain, but anaesthesia is unlikely to be used. Under the influence of the laser there will be a slight damage to the epidermis, over time it turns into scabs. After the treatment, the place is lubricated with antibiotics and the dressing is applied.

Tattoo removal procedure

Laser tattoo removal - contraindications

Laser tattoo removal is not a procedure for everyone. People whose skin will be susceptible to scars, people with connective tissue diseases or who take medication or have dark complexion should not give in to it. Also, too large a tattoo area may make it impossible to perform the treatment.

Side effects of laser removal

Problems that can occur after such a procedure are allergic reactions, bacterial infections, tattooing color change, discoloration and discoloration, appearance of scars, scars, skin texture change. Persons who have undergone the procedure must remember that it is not allowed to scratch scabs, because this will lead to the appearance of scars. It is possible to apply skin lubrication, an ointment with an antibiotic may also be advisable.

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