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July 23, 2024 6:48pm

Sportswear - how to take care of it?

Comfortable outfit at the gym is an absolute must have! However, apart from comfort, aesthetics is also important - in a grey, stretched tracksuit we will not feel too attractive, which may translate into a decrease in our motivation to exercise. We recommend how to take care of sportswear properly, so that it retains its cut and intense colors for as long as possible!

It happens that after just a few washes sports clothes can only be thrown away - tracksuits and leggings lose their cut, the bra does not support the bust, and the waterproof jacket softens. This is usually due to improper care of clothing. How can this be remedied?

Appropriate clothing is the basis for

It is best to choose a special sportswear tailored to your physical activity. If you don't know what will be useful during the training, seek advice from a professional - personal trainer or salesman in a sports store. Cotton tracksuit is unlikely to work in the gym, because it does not provide adequate drainage of moisture. This can lead to discomfort and unsightly sweat spots. Another disadvantage is that they quickly deform and lose their intense colour, especially when washed several times. This does not mean, however, that you have to reach for clothes at once for a few hundred zlotys! Medium-priced products are perfect for hobby trainers. Properly used will suffice for several dozen training sessions.

Getting the laundry right

Poorly cleaned sportswear loses its properties over time. Always wash it in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations with similar coloured clothing to prevent discolouration and damage. Avoid intensive centrifugation and high temperatures. Choose between a gentle, manual or sporty washing programme. Bras, especially those with underwires, are additionally secured by placing them in the Leifheit brand washing net. These nets are available in a set with as many as three pieces of different sizes - depending on their size they can hold from 1 to 5 kg of clothing. They are suitable not only for washing underwear, but also for other delicate fabrics such as curtains. Their additional advantage is that they can be used at high temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius.

how to wash sportswear

For washing, use special chemicals, preferably labelled sports or active. If you don't have it at hand, try gray soap, soap flakes or baby powder. Remember not to add any softener, stain remover or bleach to the washing machine drum under any circumstances, as this may result in the loss of properties of hi-tech clothing. Do not centrifuge as well, and squeeze excess water carefully in your hands.

How to dry sportswear?

First of all, never in a tumble dryer, in full sun or hot radiator! It is best to hang it on a large dryer such as Pegasus 200 deluxe by Leifheit. It has everything a mobile dryer needs, and thanks to its parallel legs it stands stable and securely, both outside and inside. It can accommodate a lot of things - it's 20 metres long in total, which provides space for almost two washing machine contents.

The Senstitive Air Leifheit dryer, which protects the fabric from deformation, is ideal for delicate fabrics. It is made of fine mesh, which prevents creases and stretching. The convex shape ensures proper air circulation and thus fast and efficient drying. It's small, so it can fit literally anywhere - on a standing dryer, on a table or over a bathtub.

What about ironing?

It doesn't have to be your nightmare! You only need to buy a good ironing board. The Air Board M Solid model from Leifheit is perfect. This super lightweight board allows you to quickly iron your favourite sports outfit. Thanks to the special Thermo Reflect technology, which reflects the steam and heat of the iron, you can iron from both sides at the same time! This saves up to a third of the time and your clothes will be noticeably smoother. For ironing delicate clothes, a protective iron protector that will protect the sensitive structure of the fabric will be useful.

Do not forget about proper impregnation of clothing - raincoats should be generously sprayed with a product protecting against moisture, and leather shoes should be treated with a cleaning paste based on high quality waxes.

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