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March 1, 2024 12:45am

Acidification of the body - how to fight it?

Nowadays, most people have the impression that their lives are rushing at a dizzying speed. We live faster and more and more stressed. As we have less and less time, we devote less attention to what we eat. Unfortunately, this has an incredible impact on our quality of life and health. What we eat can affect our body's acidification.

What is body acidification?

Acidification of the body consists in Acid-base imbalance the human body. The main reason for this condition is the way of eating. This can be achieved by a diet rich in processed food, excessive amount of meat, and at the same time it is poor in fruit and vegetables. If our body functions properly, then the acid-base balance is maintained. So what are the reasons for such a state of affairs? It is worth remembering that food products can be divided into two groups: acid-forming and alkaline-forming. If there are more products in our diet that turn out to be acid-forming in the digestive process, then we can lead to the acidification of our body. That is why a balanced diet is so important, because then our body functions properly.

acid-base balance

Symptoms of acidification of the body

What should I pay attention to in order to find out if my body has a problem with acidification? Our body sends us some signals that can tell us that we may have a problem with acidification. Symptoms of acidification may include: lack of energy, chronic fatigue, depression, nervousness and hypersensitivity, recurrent disorders (cracking of mouth corners), diarrhea, gingivitis, dry skin, repeated inflammation of the intestines, brittle and splitting nails, weak, falling out hair, muscle cramps, tendonitis, joint pain and even osteoporosis. Sometimes by acidification we can't lose a few extra pounds, which bothers us so much.

How to fight the body's acidification?

If we want to eliminate the acidification of our body, we have to focus on diet. It is also worth giving up on drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol. First of all, we need to introduce fruit and vegetables to our menu, which will help us regain the acid-base balance. We should also drink about 2 litres of mineral water rich in calcium and magnesium. Herbs and spices can also help us to maintain the acid-base balance. Our body will certainly thank us if we give up sweet drinks and too much meat. It is also essential to put aside processed foods such as fast foods, sweets and salty snacks. It is therefore worthwhile to start preparing meals yourself, so that we can verify the ingredients from which they are made. For a better result, we also have to start spending more time outdoors and practicing sports.

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