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July 23, 2024 7:53pm

Pregnancy? Here are 6 reasons why you should enrol in a birthing school

Pregnancy is the best time to prepare for the role of parents. Midwives convince us that the Family School is the place where it can be done best. Find out why maternal instinct is not enough.

If you are wondering whether it is a good idea to attend a birth school, we will help you make a decision. There are several answers to the question "Why should I enrol in a birthing school":

1) Avoid "fear of the unknown".

Pregnancy, and above all the approaching birth, arouse a mixture of joy and fear in women. Stress, on the other hand, has a negative impact on the health of mother and toddler, so it is good to do everything possible to reduce it. The birth school is a place where future parents gain knowledge and practical skills; they learn about each stage of childbirth, how the body will prepare itself for the birth of a child and how a woman and her partner should behave during this time so that everything goes smoothly.

2. get useful and practical information

In the birth school there is no place to talk about the weather or nail colour. The programme of meetings is arranged in such a way that future parents receive as much practical information as possible; they are taught how the woman's body will behave during childbirth, how to relieve pain and how to relax and calm down. On the second day of meetings they learn how to feed and nurture the baby.

3. get to know ways to improve childbirth

The participants of the meetings are introduced to the idea of active childbirth; they perform gymnastic exercises, which are repeated regularly throughout the remaining period of pregnancy, prepare the woman's body for childbirth and help with pregnancy ailments. Midwives teach future mothers how to breathe so that the contractions bring the best results, and partners find out how they can support their partner during this time.

4. learn to relax and mute

During childbirth, emotions prevail and stress occurs, which is quite a natural reaction to a situation of this kind. Unfortunately, nervousness can lead to a decrease in the amount of oxytocin in the blood - a hormone that is responsible for uterine contractions, among other things.

5. your partner will be more aware of what you are going through

Despite easy access to information, a significant number of men have a lack of knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth. The school of childbirth supplements these infamous deficiencies and makes you aware of the important role of their support.

6. you will be well prepared for the coming of the little one into the world

Nobody is able to prepare for the role of a parent in 100% - this is at the same time the most important, most beautiful and most difficult task in every person's life. The birth school provides an opportunity to acquire the most useful skills that will be needed during childbirth and during the first days of the baby's life.

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