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April 15, 2024 10:13am

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the best solution when we want to make up for missing teeth and fixing dentures. Implants are made of titanium. It acts as the root of the missing tooth. The implant placement procedure requires local anesthesia of the patient.

Why choose implants?

It's a solution that really has many different advantages. The quality of life is improved, you can regain the ability to eat different dishes. There will be no need for local denture adhesives. Implants require the same care as teeth. Thanks to implants it is possible to protect oneself from bone atrophy, which makes it possible to preserve the natural features of the face without any problems, which should also be of great importance to us.

Implants allow us to maintain a better state of health, better shredding of the food consumed and, as a result, better digestion.

Dental implants

Advantages of using implants

- protect us from possible damage to adjacent teeth

- is a solution that will be better than traditional methods of restoring missing teeth.

- Thanks to implants, you can also eat more varied meals.

- is an important element that helps us to keep the aesthetic look of our face, as there will be no bone atrophy.

- implants look and will function just like real teeth, so they are a very good choice

- we no longer need to use denture adhesives

- are a great alternative to dentures

- there are no troublesome situations that can be associated with loosening the denture

Replenishment of a single loss

Implants very much resemble natural teeth in terms of appearance, feeling and function. Unlike a standard three-point bridge, there is no need to reconstruct adjacent healthy teeth to support bridges in order to complete the absence of a single tooth.

Dental implantImplants function differently from partial dentures and look like natural teeth. If you are using implants you will not be worried about the feeling of discomfort. There will also be no exposure to metal hooks, which are uncomfortable and visible when using the denture. It is also worth knowing that titanium implants are so strong that you will not have to replace each tooth with one implant. Ultimately, it is up to the dentist to decide how many implants to use in a given case.

Prosthetic beam

It is also an option to make up for missing teeth, which is supposed to imitate nature. Advantages of using removable dentures by patients:

- This method allows to fully restore the functionality and aesthetics of natural teeth.

- treatment will be planned and effects are predictable

- natural healing processes are responsible for the connection of the implant to the bone

- prosthetic crowns are placed on implants, which will functionally and aesthetically imitate those lost in order to

- Implants will help to preserve the good appearance of the facial dentition and thus maintain the density and volume of the bark bones.

- the denture snaps into place on the supported beam, thanks to the fastenings placed there

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