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May 24, 2024 9:48pm

TRX training with tapes

If you want to have a slim figure and great condition, but the exercises in which you have to use the load are not for you, you should try TRX exercises. You can practice with them wherever you want and whenever you want.

R. Hetrick, who used to be the commandos of America, is responsible for TRX exercises. He wanted his own condition to become better and the soldiers did not lose their form, especially since they were in submarines or military bases created quite temporarily. In such conditions they needed equipment that is lightweight, mobile and can be used to train all parts of the body.

Hetrick started to create the training, first using the load-bearing straps used for the rifles. When he retired, he went a step further and worked on a prototype of the subject, thanks to which the exercises can be held in suspension. The fruit of this work is TRX, to which the name Suspension Trainer is often added.

TRX - what is it?

TRX is a simple training device. It consists of a set of Y-shaped, adjustable straps made of strong and lightweight polymer. They can be hung anywhere - at home and outdoors. Easy to transport. You only need to attach one end to a non-moving place. The lines hook up on the hands or feet.

trx suspension trainer

Is it worth it?

TRX is becoming more and more popular everywhere - this also applies to Poland. All thanks to the advantages - everyone can use it, and the exercises are different and all the muscles work with them. The exercise body is responsible for the load. In addition to working with muscles, TRX helps to maintain an upright posture, so it is sometimes used at the beginning of rehabilitation. The muscles develop in the same way and the spine and joints do not get too heavy a load. More importantly, deep muscles are also used during exercise. Another advantage is the improvement of strength, endurance and balance. Boredom with these belts will never be a threat.

Gym vs. home

In principle, it depends on the practitioner in which place he will want to practice. If you intend to do this at home, you are not defined by time. In fact, every time will be good for it, and the exercise plan can be created to meet the needs and the right muscles to improve. On the other hand, the gym guarantees motivation to get the figure of your dreams. The trainer conducting the classes will help if the exercises are not done properly, and in case of problems he will help to solve them. In addition, injury is much less possible here. Fitness clubs using TRX have really engaging activities that give you the opportunity to get to know all its possibilities. This is why, if someone just begins to know TRX, he or she should use the gym. Opinions (as in the case of any activity) are different - everyone should decide for themselves whether it is better to perform TRX at home or in the gym.

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