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June 13, 2024 2:43am

Vegan cosmetics - advantages

If a cosmetic is certified as a wege product, it cannot contain ingredients whose origin is zoonotic. If you buy veg cosmetics, you will also be able to reduce the number of animal tests.

If we want to choose such cosmetics we do not necessarily have to be vegans or vegetarians. In fact, these are cosmetics that should appeal to every conscious consumer.

It turns out that such a lifestyle is now becoming more and more common. Today practically every restaurant has vegetarian dishes for us as well. We also have premises that specialize only in such cosmetics. It should not surprise anyone anymore that we eat dishes without meat. However, many people are still surprised that products such as cosmetics can also be vegan. Cosmetics will quite often include products of animal origin, which are very often produced by animal testing, which, unfortunately, is linked to the fact that animals suffer from this. If we choose wege cosmetics, we can guarantee that such a situation will not occur and thus we can protect the animals peacefully.

No animal testing

As far as animal testing is concerned, it should be remembered that not only is the finished product to be without animal testing, but also all semi-finished products used to create these cosmetics were made without animal testing. We have different ways to get information about it.

Use of vegan cosmetics

To begin with, of course, we check the packaging. In addition, you will also think about contacting the manufacturer to check the composition. You will also be able to think about deciding to check entries from organisations that protect animals.

And it seems that the latter option will be the best one, because such organisations work very efficiently and that is why we really have a guarantee that we will be able to check if a given cosmetic is trustworthy. The lists of such cosmetics are numerous. It is worth to take an interest in such lists as OK Club List!, PETA, BUAV, NAVS. In Poland, the VIVA Foundation also grants a V certificate, which is a testimony to the quality.

No animal additives in cosmetics

The ingredients of cosmetics of animal origin can be divided into two groups. We have cosmetics in which there will be such animals, which will be obtained from their body animals, and cosmetics, which are produced from ingredients which are produced by animals, such as milk, lanolin or honey. The latter group is allowed to be used without a person who is a vegetarian, while vegans will not take such or such cosmetics.

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